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Sincerely Thanks You
For Your Recognition of Our Music

Karen LeWinn

“Band Of Life communicates an enlightened vision
for humanity’s most evolved realization.
A new paradigm of universal love and oneness.
Presented with an awakened consciousness
that is divinely inspired and cosmically informed.”

Gus Skinas

Mastering – Editing – Authoring – Engineer
Pink Floyd – Elton John – Madonna – Rolling Stones – Band Of Life

“Band Of Life – is a beautiful record; ingenious, and brilliant!”

Miten of {Deva Premal & Miten}

Kirtan Chanting / Recording Artists

“Paul, Keep singing from your heart”
“The world needs your music”

Dave Feiten

Annimator – Artist – Designer – Consultant
Disney – Pixar Entertainment

“Paul, Fantastic job on the music and video. A true work of art.”

Tierro Lee

Guitarist, member of “Kan Nal”

“Lovely, Beautiful, Inspirational Music & Message and Lyrics”

Linda Green

ProgramsOf The Heart Instructor

“Band Of Life is phenomenal!”

Lucie Blanchard

Internet mass marketing

“Band Of Life, I Love It Love It Love It!”

Kendra Current

Holistic Practitioner

“The BOL CD, Vision, and Website are Beautiful”

Rachel Katzler

The Healing Center

“BOL CD is Fabulous!”

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