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Playing In The Light

Playing In The Light

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Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2016 All Rights Reserved
Euro Dance Pop Hit

They couldn’t teach you how to play
Only to take your dreams away
And make you feel you had to hide
Afraid of Playing In The Light

And through our lives we’ve never known
From where we’ve come or where we go
Never knowing if we might
Ever go Playing In The Light

How much longer must I wait
How much more must I take
So now it’s time to take flight
For us all to bring the world into the light

With source Inside we’re not alone
Finally to find our way back home
For with that love we’ll be alright
We’ll be Playing In The Light

And every time we search inside
We’re creating more light
To light the world everywhere
Simply just by being here

And when you’ve loved someone so strong
Only to find one day they’re gone
They’ll wait for you for all your life
Where they’re Playing In The Light

For when we feel the greatest love
That makes the earth and stars above
Creator wants us to find
All the love inside

So let go and let guide and let’s go Playing In The Light

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