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Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2013 All Rights Reserved
Mainstream Jamaican Reggae Pop Hit
Gratitude as a state of being

Thank You for this greatness
All around us
Everything’s a blessing
One and All

All One Spirit now
Oh within us
We feel You
And remember Who We Are

With love and respect now
For all creation
Come sisters brothers
Here and far

By sharing and wearing
Each others shoes now
Oh that’s the way
We change the world

Come and give your gift now
And live your truth now
Care about another
As your own

We’re joyful and loving
And accepting
Grateful for this blessing
One and All

Yeah Man Greetings
Greetings to the Almighty Father

Rastafari each and every time
From this one
We give thanks and praise
Respect boom sha!

Who are we as a people
JAH Rastafari Spirit
Each and every day
We walk with and live with
Rastafari Love People

Who are we
As a people
One Love
One Heart
One Soul
One Destiny
Respect Boomsha!

Who are we to change the world?
It is up to us – the people
To change the world

Me and you and we are new
As One People

Who do you care about
Who do you feel about
Who do you want about

It’s up to us
One time

So people
With all these five attitudes
What we do?

It’s up to us to
Stand up
Respect each other
Peace Love Unity

Rastafari Love
Thank You Father
Bless it

Yes with these blessings
We get from The Father
We thank You so much

Again people
To the Father
Most High

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