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I Want You

I Want You

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Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2020 All Rights Reserved

I see your face
There’s just one place
I want to be
With You

The way you move
Flowing with your groove
It’s got to be
With Me

Oh you’ve been holding out so long
Trying to be so strong

He’s just like squeezing blood from a stone
But you don’t have to end up all alone

I Want You Oh I Want You Oh O

We put our heads together
Feels like forever
With You

I can do what it takes
To make you tick
Oh baby
It’s the way we just click

Melting Together so nice
Flowing like a river through paradise
Hold me inside
All through the night
All the while
We’ll see the light

I Want You Oh I Want You Oh O

Runs so deep / Through our sleep / I feel you so / In my soul
Head to feet / You feel so sweet / Trust in me too / And I’ll worship you
We’ll make it hot / Never stop / Until we glow / And keep control
Through the stars / However far/ As we find out / Who we are

I Want You Oh I Want You Oh O

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