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Just Trust

Just Trust

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Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2019 All Rights Reserved
Ultra Modern Mainstream Pop Hit

INTRO – Yohanna X 4


Are you asking for your hopes and dreams – Wishing on a star

Now look within and find yourself – Just be who you are

Learn to face your feelings – Don’t run away from love

Don’t be afraid – You have it made – This is Divine Love


Just Trust – Our connection – And feelings in our hearts

Just Trust – This reflection – Is a beautiful start

Just Trust – We’ll be alright – Don’t give up – Just believe

Just Trust – This love BETWEEN US – Is meant to be

Just Trust 

INTRO – Yohanna X 4


Though you’ve been so hurt – In the past – And left out in the cold

When you take your leap of faith – Our love will unfold

Align with life – And feel the light – We’ll go with the flow

Just Trust Within –Our Love again – And it will surely grow



Our love is Divinely given – We are written in the stars

We’re a higher love connection – With who we really are

There’s a world transformation – For our destiny to come

To live from our hearts and souls – Wish Fulfillment As ONE

CHORUS X 2 / INTRO – Yohanna X 4 – Just Trust  

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