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Just Trust

Just Trust

Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2019 All Rights Reserved
Ultra Modern Mainstream Pop Hit



Are you asking for your hopes and dreams    Wishing on a star

Being open for your highest good – Will gift you if you are

Everything is possible – Believe and you’ll go far

What really matters most – Is to be who you are


Just Trust – Our connection    And feelings in our hearts

Just Trust –  This reflection  – Is a beautiful start

Just Trust – We’ll be alright – Don’t give up – Just believe

Just Trust – This love within us – Is meant to be



You have your higher guidance – From over soul view

You know your intuition – Brings what’s right for you

Don’t let your mind go crazy – With doubt and fears

Rest assured the universe’s – Answers will appear




Our love is Divinely given    We are written in the stars

We’re a higher love connection    With who we really are

This life transformation    Brings our destiny to come

Be and live from our hearts and souls –  Wish Fulfillment As ONE


Just Trust

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