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Words and Music by Paul Glover
© 2013 All Rights Reserved
Mainstream Pop Hit Ballad
For everyone’s needed encouragement of love

You have given love
You have given heart
You have given of yourself
And You’ve been torn apart

Waiting in the rain
Searching through the sky
Holding hope with every breath
A tear drop in your eye

Didn’t anybody tell you
Your love is great
Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s too late

Every bird must fly alone
To join the other too
Beautiful You Beautiful You
Nothing Less is gonna do
Sing like a bird and they’ll sing for you
Beautiful You

Someone will be here by your side
To make your dreams come true
Someone will love you for yourself
The way you need them too
Oh Oh they’ll be a reflection of you

We can be the ones
Having all the fun
Laughing walking hand in hand
And shining in the sun


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